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How Inbound Marketing Helps Create The Ultimate Buyer Journey And Why You Should Care

Creating The Experience Is The First Step To Getting All The Inbound Marketing Leads You’ll Ever Need

I know you don’t really care about the buyer experience. Sure you pay lip service to it and you kind of understand why it’s important conceptually but I know it’s not what keeps you up at night. What keeps you up is the lack of leads for your sales team, right?

You don’t have enough to hit your revenue goals. You don’t know what to do about it. You know cold calling isn’t right nor is it working like it used to. In fact, most of your marketing just doesn’t produce like it used to but you don’t really know what else to do. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone, CEOs across the planet are struggling with the same challenges. If only you had more leads. Let’s not dismiss this idea of the buyer journey and the prospect experience so quickly. If I told you you’ll have all the leads you need and more if only you create a truly remarkable prospect experience—would I have your attention?  I hope so.



Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales And Experience Mapping: How They Work Together

If You Want To Earn The Business, You Need To Create The Best Experience

Disney has it right. It’s all about the experience. From the time you step onto their properties, it’s game on. Every single touch point has been mapped out and designed to give you the most remarkable experience.

The towel animals in the room, the Mickey Mouse toy strategically placed by the housekeeping staff, the Fast Pass system, the visuals and spritzers while you wait for a ride, the drink offered when you arrive at the hotel, the transportation system that’s never more than a few minutes away – I could go on and on.

You need to apply that same thinking to your business. The method used to accomplish this is called experience mapping. This typically includes thinking through every interaction your prospective customers have with your company and continuing that exercise even after they convert from prospects to customers.