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Insist On Doing Cold Emails? Use Inbound Marketing To Warm Them Up

If We Can’t Talk You Out Of Cold Emails, At Least Let Us Help You Get Them To Work Better

In a recent article, I begged you to stop sending unsolicited cold emails as part of your marketing campaign. I stand by that position, but I’m a practical man and I understand why some of you insist on using this practice today. Even with a horribly low open and click-through rate, you still get a bite every now and then, and sometimes those bites turn into revenue. I get it.

We’ve learned some techniques from our years of practicing inbound marketing that can be applied to this tactic to improve the performance enough to make the program decent from a metrics perspective. I also think it’s important to know what performance expectations you should be looking at before, during and after you launch your own email campaigns.



What’s Wrong With Email Marketing? Who Broke It And How Do You Fix It?

Email Marketing Has A Place In Any Inbound Marketing Program — It Just Has To Be Deployed With Care

At the risk of appearing on a soap box, here we are again talking about email. But today it’s not about the abusive email practices many companies are using. Instead, it’s about how to fix your email marketing efforts so they produce the desired results.

Email marketing has a strategic place in any inbound marketing effort. To us, it’s the air cover for the ground troops, and if you want to win the battle, it’s a necessary part of any marketing effort. But if your air cover is improperly planned, executed and adjusted, you might just drop it on your own troops. I’d like you to avoid that because it’s what’s going on right now at many companies.

Here’s what’s wrong with email marketing today and how to fix it at your company.



Plain-Text Emails Vs. HTML Emails: Which Performs Best With Inbound Marketing?

Five Mistakes You're Making With Plain-Text Emails And How To Fix Them Today

Everyone has seen these. There’s been an explosion of them over the past six months. What looks like like a personal email arrives in your inbox, you open it, and even though it sounds like they know you, you don’t have any idea who the sender is, who their company is or why they’re emailing you.

You’ve seen these, right? I included one from I got from Uberflip yesterday down below.

Clearly someone, somewhere decided that this type of unsolicited emails is better than designed HTML unsolicited emails as an email marketing strategy.



Stop Emailing Me: Inbound Marketing Doesn't Support These Practices

Interruptive, Non-Inbound Marketing Tactics Don't Help – They Actually Hurt Your Brand 

Have you noticed an increase in unsolicited emails? I have. Almost every day, I get 10 to 15 emails from people trying to sell me something. What’s worse is that when I delete them, I get more the next day and for days after. All of them say basically the same thing: “Did you get my last email? I never heard from you. Can we schedule time to talk?”

These people are not practicing inbound marketing. In fact, they’re burning their brand in the marketplace with their email marketing campaigns. Perhaps the most egregious mistake is that they’re not even trying to make me understand how their product or service is going to help me. Please stop interrupting me. I know email is inexpensive, but the cost to your brand equity is significant.



Inbound Marketing: How Often Is Too Often When It Comes To Email?

Delight – Not Disturb – Your Prospects With Inbound Marketing-Designed Nurturing Campaigns

Inbound marketing uses email marketing, just like every other marketing methodology. Email marketing is so efficient in its ability to deliver ongoing messaging, educational offers and reminders about a business’s value proposition that it must be part of any company’s marketing tool kit.

But, how much email is too much? Can we overdo it? The answer is yes. You can over-email, incorrectly email and poorly structure your lead-nurturing campaigns to the point at which you’re actually turning prospects away. Today, we’ll help you try to avoid turning leads into losses.



9 Mistakes That Might Be Torpedoing Your Email Marketing Results

As I mentioned a few days ago, email marketing is the one tactic being deployed by almost every business.

You might not be doing it right. In fact, you’re probably doing it wrong, but at least you're doing it.

Email marketing is easy to do, but it’s not easy to do correctly, which is why most businesses are doing more harm than good with their email campaigns.

Here’s how I know you’re probably doing it wrong: I get a ton of emails that are not well thought out or planned based on any methodology or approach. So, in an attempt to clean out all of our inboxes, here are the nine mistakes you’re probably making with email marketing, as well as quick fixes to improve your open and click-through rates.