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5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Ineffective Or Even Illegal

Email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing and sales tactics used today, but too many marketers are using email marketing ineffectively, or even illegally.

Marketing and sales technology, including email marketing software, is rapidly advancing and enables marketers to make smart decisions that nurture leads and drive revenue. However, used incorrectly or haphazardly, email marketing can hurt your business, your reputation and your bottom line.



Why Inbound Marketing Demands I Never Reply To Unsolicited Emails

If You Sent Me One, Now You Know Why I Haven’t Responded

I’m no different than you. I'm going about my day and trying to get my work done when I get an email notification (you know, those annoying pop-up windows that alert you to a new email). The email looks like it’s in response to something I sent, or it might look like it’s from someone who knows me. So I click on the alert.

But it’s not either of those scenarios. It’s an unsolicited email, from someone I don’t know, trying to sell me something I know nothing about and might not even need. Who came up with this tactic? Who decided this was even close to a good idea? It gets much worse, and I’m sure everyone reading this is going to know what I’m talking about.

When I delete the email, I get another one in a day or two, followed by another and another. Each one sounds a little more desperate and attempts to make me feel a little ruder for not responding. Some people even resort to adding animated GIFs of Oprah, Spiderman or some other celebrity. I guess they think this will get my attention and get me to ask to speak with them.

I know marketers ruin everything, but this is ridiculous. If for some reason you have your sales and marketing team executing a similar tactic, here’s why this will never work.



Stop Emailing Me: Inbound Marketing Doesn't Support These Practices

Interruptive, Non-Inbound Marketing Tactics Don't Help – They Actually Hurt Your Brand 

Have you noticed an increase in unsolicited emails? I have. Almost every day, I get 10 to 15 emails from people trying to sell me something. What’s worse is that when I delete them, I get more the next day and for days after. All of them say basically the same thing: “Did you get my last email? I never heard from you. Can we schedule time to talk?”

These people are not practicing inbound marketing. In fact, they’re burning their brand in the marketplace with their email marketing campaigns. Perhaps the most egregious mistake is that they’re not even trying to make me understand how their product or service is going to help me. Please stop interrupting me. I know email is inexpensive, but the cost to your brand equity is significant.



9 Mistakes That Might Be Torpedoing Your Email Marketing Results

As I mentioned a few days ago, email marketing is the one tactic being deployed by almost every business.

You might not be doing it right. In fact, you’re probably doing it wrong, but at least you're doing it.

Email marketing is easy to do, but it’s not easy to do correctly, which is why most businesses are doing more harm than good with their email campaigns.

Here’s how I know you’re probably doing it wrong: I get a ton of emails that are not well thought out or planned based on any methodology or approach. So, in an attempt to clean out all of our inboxes, here are the nine mistakes you’re probably making with email marketing, as well as quick fixes to improve your open and click-through rates.