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Why Your Email Marketing Opt-Out Rates Might Be Going Through The Roof

And How To Use Inbound Marketing To Prevent This From Happening In The First Place

I’m an inbound marketing scientist, so I’m constantly running a set of experiments. My current experiment involves me opting out of all my spammy emails. In the past, I just deleted unwanted emails, but then I got thinking. If I don’t send a message, how is anyone going to know they’re bothering me and how am I going to change the way people think about marketing going forward?

The headline of the article is clearly a little funny, and I’m not going to singlehandedly impact everyone’s opt-out rates. However, I’m encouraging all of you to look closely at your opt-out rates. It’s not a metric that marketers look at as consistently as email open rates and click-through rates. If your audience is not feeling the love, your opt-out rates will start inching up.



9 Mistakes That Might Be Torpedoing Your Email Marketing Results

As I mentioned a few days ago, email marketing is the one tactic being deployed by almost every business.

You might not be doing it right. In fact, you’re probably doing it wrong, but at least you're doing it.

Email marketing is easy to do, but it’s not easy to do correctly, which is why most businesses are doing more harm than good with their email campaigns.

Here’s how I know you’re probably doing it wrong: I get a ton of emails that are not well thought out or planned based on any methodology or approach. So, in an attempt to clean out all of our inboxes, here are the nine mistakes you’re probably making with email marketing, as well as quick fixes to improve your open and click-through rates.



3 Email Marketing Strategies To Boost Webinar Registration

Summer is here. The weather is beautiful and your prospects have vacation on their minds.

Thoughts of sandy beaches and family road trips make it even more difficult to catch the attention of your potential clients. This just means you need to double down on your inbound marketing tactics for attracting leads to the offers that guide them through their buyer journeys.

Marketing webinars are a great opportunity to offer your prospects helpful educational content. By providing them useful information from content experts presented in an interactive way, you help establish your business as a thought leader in your industry.



Email Marketing Metrics: What To Check And What To Skip

When executed properly as part of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy, email marketing provides value to businesses looking to attract and convert leads. Too many businesses, however, carry out their email marketing campaigns haphazardly, leading to declining ROI and poor results.

To achieve optimal results with your email marketing efforts, start with strategy. Too many marketers simply send emails to their lists when they have time, with little thought to what tactics perform best.

The other major way that companies botch their email marketing endeavors is not paying attention to their results. If you don’t know how your emails are performing, you won’t know what changes to make to your email strategy.