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What’s Wrong With Email Marketing? Who Broke It And How Do You Fix It?

Email Marketing Has A Place In Any Inbound Marketing Program — It Just Has To Be Deployed With Care

At the risk of appearing on a soap box, here we are again talking about email. But today it’s not about the abusive email practices many companies are using. Instead, it’s about how to fix your email marketing efforts so they produce the desired results.

Email marketing has a strategic place in any inbound marketing effort. To us, it’s the air cover for the ground troops, and if you want to win the battle, it’s a necessary part of any marketing effort. But if your air cover is improperly planned, executed and adjusted, you might just drop it on your own troops. I’d like you to avoid that because it’s what’s going on right now at many companies.

Here’s what’s wrong with email marketing today and how to fix it at your company.


The World Series and Marketing

describe the imageThe World Series starts tonight.  I know the Phillies aren’t in it, and I am not saying I will be watching, but I was thinking about what it takes to win the World Series and I couldn’t help but compare it to a well planned out marketing program.


Does It Feel Like Marketing Armagedon?

describe the imageHas the marketing profession become increasingly complicated or is it just me? SEO, SEM, PPC, CPM, KPI, ACR, CMS, CRM and more.  Websites, mobile devices, video, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Digg, ReadIt, are you serious?  Ads don’t work, search doesn’t work, cold calling doesn’t work, direct mail is out…what does work?