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Direct Mail Gets An Upgrade From The USPS: Digital Marketing Plus Or Minus?

Whether Youre Doing Inbound Marketing Or Demand Generation, This Should Get Your Attention

It’s called Informed Delivery™ and it’s a new service from our friends at the USPS. The way it works is participating consumers receive an email containing grayscale images of the outside of their household’s letter-sized mail pieces that will be arriving soon.

The U.S. Postal Service is calling this an unprecedented opportunity to engage users through an integrated mail and digital marketing campaign that generates additional consumer impressions, interactions and insights.” I’m looking at this from both sides (their side and the direct marketer’s side), but I’m also looking at this from the consumer’s side. This might just be my opportunity to block all that unwanted junk mail.



Inbound Marketing Causes Ad Man To Promote Direct Mail

Inbound Marketing Provides Options That Traditional Outbound Just Can't Deliver 

Let’s face it, people are reading less direct mail. All you have to do is stand outside your house and watch people sort through their mail, throw out all the junk and take their bills inside. Going forward, do you think people are going to be reading more mail or less? Definitely less, right?

So, why would the CEO of a major ad agency stand up in front of a group of people and say direct mail is making a comeback? Here’s a link to an article about the CEO of McCann talking about the direct mail industry.

You have to understand the context of this article. He’s speaking to the National Postal Forum, so clearly these people want to hear about mail making a resurgence. Perhaps Harris Diamond was tailoring his remarks to his audience, but I thought that looking at his comments might be interesting from an inbound marketing perspective.