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Marketing (Not Corporate Communications) Should Own Website Strategy

The Overall Thinking Behind Websites Changed, And Your Company’s Thinking Needs To Change, Too

Ten years ago, your website was an electronic brochure. Everything in your brochure was on your website. We all loved that because anyone could get information about your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But since this was all sterile and company controlled information, a lot of companies turned their websites over to their corporate communications teams, the same people who did press releases, investor relations, annual reports and the company brochure. Their mission was to deliver the approved company story as consistently and clearly as possible.



11 Questions To Ask A Website Design Firm Before You Begin

Recently, one of our newer inbound marketing clients hired an outside firm to redo their website, and that project was well underway when we joined the team. In this scenario, we focused on adding content, landing pages, call to action buttons and blogging to their new website, while the website firm worked on designing and building the new site.