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Square 2 Marketing Gives Back To 8 Digital Marketing Agency Owners

Sharing Helps The Entire Community Elevate What We Do And How We Do It

In September 2015, we set out to try a bold experiment that’s never been done before.

We invited 10 digital marketing agency owners to spend the week with us at our headquarters to see everything we do. Agency Week was born, and the response and reaction was unexpected.

Since then, we’ve been fielding regular requests for us to do Agency Week again, and last week we hosted Agency Week 2.0.

Our team here at Square 2 Marketing hosted eight agency owners from around the world in a “behind-the-curtain” view of what we do, how we do it and, most importantly, the why behind what we do.



Why You Want Your Website Design Agency To Write The Copy Too

If You Want Leads, Sales Opportunities And Revenue, You Want Your Agency To Do It All

A website design agency does website design and build projects, not copywriting. That seems kind of obvious, right? Wrong. That is how it used to be. Some shops still don’t do the copy for website projects, or they might outsource it to a writing services firm.

But if you’re looking at your website redesign project as a chance to turn your online brochure into a revenue generation machine, then your search should include only agencies that design, build and write.

You want a website agency with copywriters on staff because your website is intimately connected to at least four other highly important marketing activities: search engine optimization, content marketing, conversion rate optimization and lead nurturing. Disconnecting these four web-related activities from the design and build of the website introduces risk into your project if lead generation is your goal (and it should be your only goal).



Why Your Digital Marketing Agency Should Do It All (Even Support Sales)

It’s Not About Me, It’s ALL About You And Your Prospects

This might seem self-serving. Our company does provide a wide range of marketing- and sales-related services including technology support, but my comments have little to do with me and everything to do with you, our clients.

You find a few different flavors of agencies today. Some are like us, but more tend to focus their services on a specific aspect of marketing, like social media, search, video or pay-per-click. Others focus on verticals, so for instance, they might be experts at working with manufacturing companies. Finally, some firms practice only one kind of marketing (like inbound) or perhaps only provide marketing, while other firms only help with sales coaching and support for sales teams.



Digital Marketing Agency Lives Its Core Values With A Week Of Innovation And Team Building

50 Of The Smartest Marketing And Sales Innovation Experts Work On Revenue Generation For Our Clients

When Square 2 Marketing expanded to have 50% local team members and 50% remote team members, we needed to find a way to keep our culture thriving, facilitate regular training, drive innovation and build team bonding.

The result was a twice a year, all-hands get-together at our corporate headquarters located just outside of Philadelphia.

On Monday, we kicked off the summer edition of this company tradition, Square 2 Extravaganza. As a digital marketing agency that specializes in revenue generation for our clients, this event is packed with learning, innovation labs, team collaboration, client success story sharing and the appropriate amount of celebration.

The team loves coming to Philly and loves getting together with their teammates to build strong relationships, work together on client programs and continue learning about innovative new marketing tactics the company is rolling out for clients, said Jessica Lipson, director of people and culture.