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Shocking Data: Searchers Are Clicking On Paid Ads Instead Of Organic

Or Is Google Making It More Difficult To Tell The Difference?

In the world of marketing, the only constant is change. For years, we told clients that most searchers trusted organic search listings more, and the data supported that. Historically, about 70% of searchers preferred the organic listings, and they voted by clicking more on those organic listings.

But now, in an insightful article from, we find out that Google has been doing such a good job of camouflaging those paid ads and making them look more like the general organic listings that its more like 50/50.

We all know what’s in it for Google. The more people click on ads, the more money Google makes. The more those ads look like regular listings, the more people click on them thinking they’re regular listings.



ABM, Targeting Tiers And Other Demand Generation Tactics You Need Now

Driving Leads And Awareness Requires Innovative Marketing Techniques; Here Are A Few

As I’ve stated many times in this blog and in all of my speaking sessions, marketing, sales and revenue generation in general have become much more complex. Dramatic changes in your prospects’ behavior are primarily driving this complexity. In short, people go about making a purchase decision in a much different way than ever before.

This means that many of the existing marketing and sales playbooks are ready for the fire pit. One of the most dramatic changes taking place is the way companies reach out to people who don’t know them, who are not yet searching and who might be unaware that a solution exists. While inbound marketing has been a hot topic of conversation over the past few years, today we’re blending inbound and demand generation tactics together to produce better results.



How To Balance Demand Generation And Inbound Marketing

The Secret Lies Buried In Your Own Expectations And Budget

We get asked this question often: “Do I need demand generation, inbound marketing or both?” It’s a great question for CEOs and VPs of marketing to be asking, but the answer almost always lies in the follow-up question we have to ask: “Well, that depends; what are your revenue goals for the company and what expectations do you have for this marketing over time?” In short, how quickly do you need leads?

If you’re thinking you need leads quickly and you have the budget to support it, you should consider a blended, double-stacked demand generation and inbound marketing program. The demand generation tactics will produce leads early in the process and the investment in inbound will sustain those leads, even allowing us to dial down the demand gen tactics over time.



Demand Generation Is Mandatory In The 2018 Inbound Marketing Effort

Yesterday It Was All Inbound Marketing, Today It’s The Right Blend Of Demand Gen And Inbound Tactics

Inbound marketing sure has changed since it splashed on the scene in 2009. Now almost nine years later, what had been a pure attract approach is now part attract and part strategically interrupt. I’m not burying criticism here. I agree with a looser definition of inbound, and even as an agency, we’re all-in on configuring a marketing program based on the client’s needs, goals, objectives and existing resources.

In case you can’t tell, we feel strongly that demand generation is an important part of doing what inbound was originally designed to do — get leads, turn leads into sales opportunities and then convert those opportunities into new revenue. If marketing (any kind of marketing) can’t generate revenue, it’s wasted money and wasted effort.



What Is Inbound Marketing Today? It's Changed Over The Last 2 Years

Marketing Has Changed So Dramatically You Might Not Recognize Inbound Marketing In Its Current Form

In all transparency, I’m a huge fan of inbound marketing. The idea of earning a prospect’s attention and focusing our precious marketing dollars on people already looking and engaged in their buyer journey makes much more sense to me than attempting to interrupt people who may be qualified through traditional reach and frequency marketing.

However, I know the challenges associated with inbound marketing and why it has changed so much so quickly. It takes patience and it takes time to produce significant results. The methodology is challenging to produce a lot of quality leads as it’s dependent on who is looking, regardless of their quality. It also takes a significant amount of work and investment. The key is that investment does produce assets that continue to produce results long after the creation investment is over. Still, I understand the challenges.



9 Secrets To Demand Generation No One Is Talking About

Driving Awareness For Your Brand And Creating Demand Requires Strategy

You’re all-in on demand generation. We get it; a lot of people are today. How do you get your message out to as many properly targeted people as possible? We do agree that marketing to people who don’t match your persona won’t produce results, so your demand generation must be properly targeted.

But you don’t want to do what a lot of people are doing — throwing money at the problem, trying everything and hoping something sticks. Instead, use smart and scientific ways to tackle demand generation to produce high-quality leads and results that are sure to get you promoted.



Demand Generation Tactics? Marketing Strategy Improves Results

Marketing Strategy Isn’t Only A Secret To Inbound Marketing Success; It’s The Secret To ALL Marketing Success, Including Demand Generation

If you notice, our blog isn’t filled with tips and techniques on how to use video, upgrade landing pages, design an infographic or get better at email.

To be honest with you, those articles are a dime a dozen on every single agency blog and most of the marketing technology blogs. Instead, we’ve focused on enlightening our subscribers with information to improve long-term performance of your marketing and sales initiatives.

To be even more transparent, the tactical stuff is a lot less interesting to us than the strategic stuff. You can Google “how to improve landing page performance” and get a large collection of articles on forms, headlines, copy, images, page design, etc. But Google “how to get more leads” and the articles are few and far between. Worse, the advice almost never focuses on what’s missing nine times out of 10 — the marketing strategy.



A 'Game Of Thrones' Guide To Lead Generation And Revenue

Dragons, White Walkers, Kings, Queens And Swords All Come Together To Help You Conquer Your Revenue Goals

Whether you’re a fan of Game of Thrones or not, no one can challenge the popularity of the show. The same is true with marketing. Today, you need the perfect combination of demand generation, inbound marketing and sales enablement to exceed your revenue goals.

Given the complexity of today’s marketing and sales tactics, it’s impossible to attempt to execute lead generation and revenue growth without a revenue strategy that includes both messaging and tactical configuration. Think about this like trying to take over the Westeros without a game plan.



5 Landing Page Experiments For Today To Drive Demand Generation Tomorrow

Inbound Marketing Is All About Testing, Experimentation And Optimization

As the chief revenue scientist at Square 2 Marketing, I’m constantly experimenting on our own marketing, sales and revenue generation. Currently, we’re in the process of experimenting with new dashboard technology, elevating our sales process experience and adjusting delivery confirmation all with one single mission in mind — drive additional revenue for our clients.

Along the way we’ve collected an encyclopedia of tests and demand generation experiments that have produced positive results, and we regularly roll those out for our clients. We want companies working with us to benefit from the rich and extensive experiences we have getting results for our clients. Why recreate the wheel when we already know how to adjust and optimize marketing programs to drive increases in leads, new customers and revenue?



Why Done Is Better Than Perfect When It Comes To Revenue Generation

Demand Generation Requires You To Go Live When Done, Instead Of Holding Until Perfect

At the risk of making all of the businesspeople reading the blog uncomfortable, you have to let go of this idea that marketing needs to be perfect before it’s launched.

Your website is ready to launch, but you just want to read it over one more time. No! Your new strategic messaging isn’t quite right, so you want to make a few more tweaks to it before you let us start using it. No! The new e-book needs one more round of revisions before youre comfortable making it public. No!

Why would I say something like this? This work represents your firm. If it’s not perfect, it’s a reflection on you. Taking extra time to make it perfect is going to pay off in the long run. We should be careful what we say publicly.

These are all valid points, but they don’t outweigh the power of moving work outside the safety of the agency and into the public domain for one reason and one reason only: You want marketing results and revenue generation. We want to get that for you, but to do it that work needs to see the light of day.