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Inbound Marketing Works For Current Customers, Too

Often Neglected, Inbound Marketing To Current Customers Drives Revenue

Almost every inbound marketing program focuses on generating new leads for new customers, but more often than not, this overshadows and ignores the untapped revenue potential hidden in your current customer base.

How many of your customers purchase all of your products or services? Ask any CEO this question, and the answer is usually a pretty low number. This situation represents a significant opportunity to turn your inbound marketing power to current customers in order to generate revenue.

Here are five ways to focus your marketing on customers to help hit your revenue targets.



Delight Your Employees To Delight Your Customers

You’ve had it. Your customers aren’t happy, your staff seems unmotivated and the same old customer service model you created years ago just isn’t gaining any ground. It’s time to reinvigorate your staff and empower them with education so they may delight your customers.