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Why You Want Your Digital Marketing Agency To Be Obsessed With Data

Inbound Marketing Or Demand Generation? Both Approaches Need To Be Results And Data Driven

Today’s marketing is highly complex, with many different moving parts, a variety of skill sets needed to execute it and an overlay of technology. To really do it right you need UI/UX, conversion rate optimization, content expertise, web development, lead nurturing, paid search and organic search just to drive leads for your sales team.

But the tactics are only part of the puzzle. The real challenge comes from being able to analyze the performance of those tactics quantitatively and then adjusting delivery to increase performance month over month.

You need a team of data-obsessed marketers to do this well. Because marketing is so complicated and data is so critical to success, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to hire for these skills. That’s why it’s a smart choice to work with a digital marketing agency that features these skills, nurtures these skills and has operationalized the delivery of these skills for its clients.



Why Inbound Marketing Needs Data To Shine Like A Diamond

I’ve been doing marketing for my entire professional career. For context: We’re looking at about 30 years of marketing strategy and tactics.

It wasn't until the last five years that I’ve actually had any real data to help drive the marketing we're doing, and that’s only with the introduction of inbound marketing.

So, how do inbound and data fit so nicely together? The answer lies in the actual inbound methodology. Even Reality Marketing (the strategy methodology that Square 2 Marketing created back in 2003) highlights the importance of quantifying EVERYTHING you’re doing in the area of sales and marketing. Inbound marries the tactics with the data.