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How To Blend Advocacy Marketing Into Your Inbound Marketing Program

Do It Right And You’ll Realize Improved Close Rates Plus Much Shorter Sales Cycles

The idea of adding a new marketing buzzword  advocacy marketing  to an already crowded field of marketing-related buzzwords doesn’t make me feel good. However, the business outcomes from mobilizing your existing customers to help you close more new customers and close them faster make this one hard to ignore.

What makes it extra interesting for me is how closely connected advocacy marketing is to a lot of the existing inbound marketing tactics we’re already deploying for our clients. The idea of earning attention (inbound marketing) fits right in with the idea of earning the right to ask your clients and customers to help you in your sales process with prospects.



How To Turbocharge Account-Based Marketing With Little Wows

Your ABM Strategy Has To Be More Than Emails, LinkedIn Connects And Twitter PMs

Disney is the master of the experience. They figured out long ago that it all comes down to the experience they create for their guests. The result is people come from all over the world and pay big money to visit Disney properties. Disney excels at deploying little wows at strategic times during your visit.

When you arrive at the hotel, they offer you a drink. When you return to your room from the park and you’re ready for a refreshing shower, a towel animal greets you. Feeling hot from the sun? Let the misters cool you off while you’re in line. Want to avoid standing in lines for attractions? Check out the FastPass+ service. I could go on and on. But what does this have to do with marketing or account-based marketing?



Inbound Marketing Or Demand Generation? Why It Might Not Be Either

What If The Answer To Lead Generation And Revenue Acceleration Was 'The Experience'?

What if everything you thought you knew about marketing was wrong? What if it’s not about the fancy labels we created for the different approaches to marketing? Inbound marketing, demand generation, account-based marketing, email marketing, content marketing, search marketing — what if it’s not about one or the other? What if you flipped it on its head and looked at marketing from the perspective of your prospects and your clients?

What if we asked a different question? Instead of asking, what does it take to cut through the clutter and get someone’s attention?,” what if we asked, what do we have to do to create an experience that gets potential customers talking about how badly they want to work with your business? Wouldn’t that be more sustainable, more differentiating and more valuable to your business? Of course it would.



Prediction #9 — Customer Advocacy Now A Part Of Inbound Marketing

Transparent Businesses Will Need Customers To Tell Their Story Early And Often

It makes sense that if your customers are talking about you, you’ll get more leads. It also fits in perfectly with the changes in buyer behavior. We’ve already seen it on the agency side. Want to see how good we are? Visit, Agency Spotter or HubSpot’s Partner Directory.

Information on your business is going to be available to anyone wanting to know anything about you. The faster you get out ahead of this, the more new customers you’ll get compared to any competitors that beat you to the punch.

We’re all-in on customer advocacy marketing as part of a well-thought-out inbound marketing program, but as with all new tactics, it’s going to require some change management. The question for 2017 is this: How quickly will companies adopt this, get it rolled out and then see the impact?



Customer Advocacy Is Definitely Part Of Inbound Marketing

Click-To-Close Sales And Marketing Requires Customer Advocacy To Drive Revenue

When you look at marketing, you can’t skip your customers' role in driving more business for your company. Especially today, when all of our businesses are much more transparent than ever before. If you want to get information on any company, a quick Google search produces reviews, ratings and other experiential information from real clients. Our businesses are 100% transparent.

This means you should embrace the concept of flawless delivery and start including your clients and customers in the marketing process or run the risk of having them torpedo your efforts with weak reviews or lower-than-expected ratings.