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Are You Optimizing Your Most Critical Conversion Point?

Don’t Underestimate The Significance Of Your Headline

It’s easy to minimize the importance of your headline. For whatever reason, even the savvy content marketer sometimes fails to grasp its complete significance.

It’s not simply a title – it’s a critical conversion point. In fact, it’s your most critical conversion point.



How Inbound Marketing Drives Website Conversion Rates Through The Roof

Hint: It Actually Has Nothing To Do With Your Website

I know, surprising, right? Everyone thinks that conversion rates are all about the website, but when all our testing and experiments wrapped up, we learned that conversion rates have very little to do with website design. We found that content offers, marketing messaging and stories had more to do with conversion rates than the actual design of your site.

Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. If you have a horribly designed website with landing pages that are awful, you’re going to have a very low or potentially non-existent conversion rate. What I'm saying is that today a lot of sites look similar and are well-designed. Landing pages have been scientifically engineered to eliminate friction and most pages we see deploy many of the best practices.

However, if new visitors land on your site and can’t understand what you do in less than 10 seconds, if the site doesn’t “speak to them,” if it doesn’t draw them in with offers that educate them and they don’t quickly see stories they can relate to, then they're going to leave no matter how well-designed the site is. In that case, the bottom line is you’ll come up short on your conversion rate and lead goal objectives.



Star Wars-Inspired Inbound Marketing Conversion Strategy: Meet CTA3PO

How A Three-Option Call-To-Action Button Might Transform Inbound Marketing Conversion Strategy

I want to preface this blog article with a disclaimer: This is an untested idea.

I often share my thoughts and theories in this blog, allowing readers to take the ideas and do with them what they want. It's one of the advantages of being a subscriber and being part of the progressive inbound marketing community.

This is one of those articles. So, if youre expecting a ton of research data, you’re going to have to wait a few more months.

Instead, here’s an idea that could change the way we manage conversions across all website properties. Its simple: Why give people only one option when presented with a chance to convert?



Conversion Rate Optimization: 5 Page Elements To Test

Whether your goal is motivating your visitors to request a consultation, download a free piece of content or just getting them to go through a checkout process, increasing your website’s conversion rate is crucial to fine-tuning your inbound marketing strategy and boosting revenue.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of analyzing the performance of your website and landing pages, then making changes that cause your visitors to take your desired action. Conducting A/B tests gives you the information necessary to understand what on-page strategies work best for your prospects.

Here are five page elements for you to test to determine the best ways to convert your website visitors into leads and customers.



What Are Your Inbound Marketing Magic Numbers?

You know that inbound marketing is a science and the numbers are important. So important that our next issue of 2Inbound is all about Metrics and Analytics.



7 NSA-Level Tips For Improving Conversion Rates On Your Landing Pages

Successful inbound marketing programs focus on delivering content in the context of the buyer journey, working to create a remarkable experience from the first time prospects land on your site to the moment they choose you over your competitor.

One of the best ways to do this is through landing pages, implementing a conversion strategy that is very specific to the content, sales funnel and persona. You may not know this, but the NSA has been keeping these secret tips out of public reach for years, and we just got our hands on them.



11 Marvelous Marketing Metrics You Need To Watch Every Day

If inbound marketing turned marketing from art to science overnight, then you need to be clear about what numbers you should track and when to look at those numbers.