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How Inbound Marketing Drives Website Conversion Rates Through The Roof

Hint: It Actually Has Nothing To Do With Your Website

I know, surprising, right? Everyone thinks that conversion rates are all about the website, but when all our testing and experiments wrapped up, we learned that conversion rates have very little to do with website design. We found that content offers, marketing messaging and stories had more to do with conversion rates than the actual design of your site.

Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. If you have a horribly designed website with landing pages that are awful, you’re going to have a very low or potentially non-existent conversion rate. What I'm saying is that today a lot of sites look similar and are well-designed. Landing pages have been scientifically engineered to eliminate friction and most pages we see deploy many of the best practices.

However, if new visitors land on your site and can’t understand what you do in less than 10 seconds, if the site doesn’t “speak to them,” if it doesn’t draw them in with offers that educate them and they don’t quickly see stories they can relate to, then they're going to leave no matter how well-designed the site is. In that case, the bottom line is you’ll come up short on your conversion rate and lead goal objectives.



3 Secret Upgrades To Drive Sales-Ready Leads From Inbound Marketing

I’m going to be 100% honest: Everyone involved with inbound marketing wants to generate sales-ready leads. You know what I’m talking about – those perfect prospects who want to buy “right now.”

Every inbound marketing agency wants to get their clients more bottom-of-the-funnel, sales-qualified leads, ones who represent those clients perfect prospects. We want to generate a lot of them, and we want to generate them today.



Stop Guessing: Use Analytics To Guide Your Content Marketing Strategy

There’s been a lot of talk about content marketing at the Conversion Conference. That’s because, as we’ve said for a long time, content drives conversions and leads.

The better, more educational, more creative and more helpful your content is, the more people are going to want to download, view, share and read your stuff. So, stop guessing at what works and start using numbers to guide what you create.



Inbound Marketing: 2015's Website Is Different Than 2014's Website

Inbound marketing is changing all aspects of marketing, and at a super-fast clip.

One very important aspect – your website – is changing right before our eyes.

Because of the website strategy we use today, the websites being delivered this year don’t look anything like the ones we delivered last year.



Conversion Optimization Is Even More Important Than Search Engine Optimization

Of course you want your website to get found. But getting ranked is only the first step in a long list of marketing efforts that have to go right if you want to turn your new visitors into leads for your business.

If you struggle to convert them, your inbound marketing program struggles to deliver real results. That’s why we’ve spent so much time creating a conversion optimization protocol that works.

Here are the six aspects you need to think about when executing your inbound marketing program.



Inbound Marketing For Business Services Companies – Step Two: Convert Visitors Into Leads

If you liked what we wrote about yesterday – and based on the social shares, it seems to have resonated with our readers – today we have Step Two in our series for business services firms. Now that your business is getting found in a variety of places, the next step is to convert some of that website visitor traffic into leads for your business.

There is only one way to turn website visitors into leads, and that is with educational content and offers that are strategically designed to engage prospects at all phases of their buyer journey. 



7 NSA-Level Tips For Improving Conversion Rates On Your Landing Pages

Successful inbound marketing programs focus on delivering content in the context of the buyer journey, working to create a remarkable experience from the first time prospects land on your site to the moment they choose you over your competitor.

One of the best ways to do this is through landing pages, implementing a conversion strategy that is very specific to the content, sales funnel and persona. You may not know this, but the NSA has been keeping these secret tips out of public reach for years, and we just got our hands on them.



Finally A Website Conversion Strategy Proven To Deliver Leads

Even if you’re not getting any leads from your current website that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Almost every single client we work with has some traffic when we get started, even if it’s just a couple of hundred visitors a month.


Cracking The Code Requires Website Design For Inbound Marketing

147860345Microsoft Research reports that visitors spend only 10 seconds on your home page before deciding whether the “back” button is an option or not. This means you have to create a website design that immediately grabs their attention and focuses them on “what’s in it for them.”