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How Inbound Marketing Generated 250 Leads For One Company In One Day

It’s the Holy Grail of inbound marketing: knowing how to create a torrent of inbound leads. This is one of the secrets to solid inbound marketing.

The tactics are not the challenge. Everyone knows that you need to blog, have a great website, create content, use social media and make sure your site gets found.

But, how you tie all of these complex tactics together to produce regular, repeatable, predictable and scalable lead generation – that’s the $1,000,000 question.



Content Marketing: Use Influencers To Exponentially Increase Visitors And Leads

How do we get our blog articles to be on the first page of search engines?

That is the goal, right? What’s the point of doing blog after blog if they don’t rank, don’t drive visitors and don’t convert visitors into leads?

We’ve been pitching client content to key website properties as part of our engagement, but we recently adjusted that strategy to include what we call influencers. Those influencers, if used properly, help your blog articles rank higher, rank more quickly and deliver better results.

Here’s how you do it.



How Earned Media, Or Content Publishing, Fuels Your Inbound Marketing

There is a fair share of secrets when it comes to creating, implementing and optimizing an inbound marketing program that generates leads. One of the keys to our program’s success is what experts call content publishing, or what we used to call content sourcing and now call earned media.

To help you relate this concept to something you're probably already familiar with, consider the old days when you bought media: You purchased time on a particular radio or TV station. Maybe you bought ads in the magazines your target prospects like to read. In reality, you were renting their audiences, paying top dollar to get your messages in front of the right people in the hopes that your ad was good enough to interrupt and grab their attention.



Guest Blogging Advances To The Inbound Marketing Final Four

Blogging on your website is one way to get found, but Guest Blogging on other websites is a way to drive highly targeted leads right to your doorstep.



How To Get Content Marketing To Generate Leads For Your Business

Over the weekend, one of our clients emailed us to share his overwhelming gratitude to see that an e-book we created for his company had found its way into a Forbes article. Click here to see the article. While this might look lucky to some, to us it’s all part of the science behind how we practice inbound marketing.



Content Sourcing: Getting Your Content To Your Raving Prospects

 If you're taking our advice, you've been creating educational content that helps your prospects at each stage of your sales cycle:



Guest Blogging for Lift in Social Media Marketing

So you want to be a guest blogger or maybe someone told you that if you become a guest blogger you can drive traffic back to your website. The “no fluff” question you should be asking is “will this effort get me more leads?”

There is good news! Maybe. If you are a guest blogger you might get leads.

The reason we say "might" is because this effort has to be part of an integrated inbound Reality Marketing plan, not a disconnected tactic devoid of strategy. 

Here's what you need to consider to make sure your guest blogging efforts don’t go unrewarded.

1. Only guest blog in places where your target audience is reading, commenting, sharing, spending time and appreciating content.

2. Check to make sure there is some critical mass on the site you are guest blogging for. If they only have 10 subscribers and 50 visitors a week that might help you get comfortable blogging, but it’s not going to drive any substantial traffic back to your site.

3. Before you start guest blogging, create compelling content offers and then include those offers in your blog post.

4. More importantly, make sure you have a Trio of Offers in place that allows new people to identify themselves to you by requesting one of your No Risk, Low Risk or Direct Business Offers.

5. Create dedicated landing pages connected to the sites you are blogging for so that you can track the results of your efforts.

6. Benchmark your current monthly website traffic, lead and conversion rates and then look back at this number monthly to see if your guest blogging efforts are having an impact.

After you get the hang of it, reach out to new and bigger sites. As you build a reputation, you will likely gain access to more guest blogging opportunities.

So, yes…you can drive leads by guest blogging if you follow the tips above.

Start Today – Create a list of potential sites that have a blog and accept content from guests. Then reach out to one or two. If they accept you, put together an editorial calendar of potential blog topics and start slowly. DON’T SKIP ANY STEPS OUTLINED ABOVE, even if it takes you a little longer to get ready. Then track your results and adjust accordingly. 

Enjoy the leads!

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Social Media Search Practices Displaces Traditional SEO

 A few years ago, getting on the first page of Google was the goal for most marketers. With the torrent of social media sites and the changes in Google’s search strategy, the future of search is now social in nature.    



Which Social Media Platform Is Right For My Business?

 There are so many social media websites out there, it's no wonder people are confused. Take a look at the list of the most obvious options: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr, Pintrest, Google+, MySpace, Friendster, Bedo, Tagged...and there are many more. Each of these websites have millions of registered users. 



7 Reasons Content Drives Success With Social Media

 Today, I bought a VW Jetta, put Bridgestone tires on it, filled it with Coke and then bought a handful of Go Daddy URLs from my Samsung smart phone all on my way to work. Wow, that Super Bowl advertising really works!