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How To Stay Cool When Your Inbound Marketing Metrics Are Trending Down

Inbound Marketing Is The Only Approach That Helps You Impact Results Today

If you’re expecting inbound marketing to produce positive results every month, from every tactic, think again. No matter how good you are, or your inbound marketing agency is, you’re going to see downward trends in your analytics at some point. Don’t panic. It happens to everyone and the causes are not always related to what you did or didn’t do.

Sometimes it has to do with what other people, for instance, competitors, are doing. But this article isn’t about that; it’s about what you need to do to recover from downward trends in program performance. The good news is that there are response techniques that can and should be applied to reverse the downward trends and get you moving back up and to the right.



Snap Out Of It: Your Current Marketing Sucks – Inbound Marketing Generates Leads!

Where’s The Logic Behind "We've Always Done It Like That"?

Let me know if this sounds familiar ...

You attended four trade shows last year, and each one cost you about $15,000 with travel, storage, rentals, entertainment, etc. You bought a series of four ads in two trade magazines for $5,000 each. You have a website that requires constant care and feeding, and you even redid it last year at a cost of $40,000.

You write, design and print sales collateral that might cost you $10,000. You send some emails out every now and then, but they don’t cost much, so let’s not even worry about those pennies. You do some press releases and post some stuff to social media. You have a small agency that helps you with this, and you pay them around $2,000 a month. You also have an SEO firm helping you rank on the search engines, and you pay them $1,000 a month. Oh, and your internal marketing manager makes $50,000 a year.

So, for your all-in marketing, you're looking at almost $200,000 a year plus the compensation for your internal marketing resource. Now, the million-dollar question: What did you get for that investment?

Looking for an answer to this critical question? Read on!



The Content Marketing Maze: A Map To Getting Out Of It

Just about anyone who's read anything about marketing in the past few months has seen articles and data supporting the need for content marketing within your company’s marketing mix.

And anyone who’s tried to execute a content marketing campaign has had at least one or two challenges with efficient execution or the performance of that campaign.

Once you start executing a content campaign, it’s easy to get trapped in what we call the Content Marketing Maze.