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How To Use Content Marketing To Turn Inbound Marketing Visitors Into Leads

Want More Leads? Publish The Right Types Of Content — It’s That Simple

Every so often I look back at what I’ve written about to make sure I’m creating a highly educational and helpful platform for people to learn about inbound marketing, demand generation and revenue acceleration.

I recently noticed that while I’ve mentioned the techniques we use to turn website visitors into leads in a couple of articles, it’s been over a year since I focused an entire article on the conversion strategy methodology that consistently produces results. A year in marketing time is like 10 years in regular time. Our practice area is changing so quickly that what we did last month is rarely what we’re doing this month.



Inbound Marketing: Why Your Marketing Might Be Like The Walking Dead

Let’s face it: Before inbound marketing, we all pretty much did the same thing, and we did it over and over again, expecting different results.

To me, this sounds a lot like a zombie – just walking all over and hoping to run into a human to eat. You might be in that rut now. Here’s how to tell.



Content Marketing: How Much Content Do I Need?

So, you know you need content marketing to help your business get found and drive leads. But, how much content is the right amount of content to hit your business goals?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as straightforward as we’d all like it to be. We do, however, have enough data and experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes  and in all industries  to provide clear direction to anyone practicing inbound marketing or straight content marketing.



With Inbound Marketing Your Firm Won't Have To Sell Anymore

I am sure it’s frustrating when just a few people are responsible for all the new business in your firm.