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How Trust Needs To Be Core To Your Sales And Marketing Strategy

Marketing Tactics And Sales Process Need To Feature Trust Building

Want people to buy from you? Then earn their trust. The big challenge is it requires hard work and a complete “click-to-close” experience that’s designed with trust in mind. Here’s more bad news: Your prospects don’t trust you, your marketing or your sales teams. That means the work to build that trust requires creativity, content and an authentic approach that you live every day, not one you pay lip service to.

Great, now what? Let’s start at the beginning. Since we agree that your prospects don’t believe you, then let’s get your clients involved. Let’s create an authentic, emotional message that moves them, and let’s shift the idea that you have to convince them to the idea that you have to guide and advise them. 



10 Sales Process Improvements For Today To Close More Deals Tomorrow

The Difference Between Sales Success And Sales Failure Is Your Process

In a recent study done by our team at Square 2 Marketing, we polled 20 of our newest clients to ask them why they chose us. Expecting to hear our Diamond-level status, experience with HubSpot, team background and client portfolio as reasons, instead we learned that 78% of them selected us because of our sales process and the people they met during the sales process.

Interesting. If this holds true for your business (and I’m thinking it does), then the best use of your time is to upgrade your process immediately to provide a better and even more remarkable inbound sales experience for your prospects.



To Drive Leads With Inbound Marketing You Need Content That Kills It

Comedians often refer to an amazing set by noting “they killed it.” This means the audience loved it. They responded positively to the jokes, stories and content by laughing, clapping and enjoying the show.