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The Top 5 Inbound Marketing Search Engine Optimization Tips To Help You Get Found

If Your Prospects Can’t Find Your Company Online, Youre Invisible

If you’ve been following anything going on in marketing over the past few years, you already know that individual marketing tactics are no longer effective unless they’re connected to other key marketing tactics.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important tactics, and if you’re working with an SEO firm with the sole goal of being on the first page of Google, you’re way off base.

Instead, getting found on the search engines is more about content, web, understanding your prospects buyer journey and connecting with influencers than it is about technical SEO. Of course, your website has to be architected properly, but today getting ranked has more to do with giving searchers what they’re looking for than the backlinks you have to the site.



Which Social Media Network Is Best For B2B Inbound Marketing?

It’s a fair question – and one that a lot of inbound marketing practitioners are asking these days.

While LinkedIn is the obvious choice, there is a good amount of data that indicates Facebook is effective for B2B. Then, there’s Google+ and its connection to search.

So, what’s an inbound person to do?



How Do I Get More Leads? Ask Google: The Future Of Search Engine Optimization

We’ve discussed how questions are going to quickly surpass keywords when it comes to search.

In case you missed it: At some point in the not-too-distant future, keywords won’t be part of your search engine optimization conversation.

Instead, questions you’re ranked for will be what you focus on. Questions like, “How do I get more leads?”

Here's how you make the change.