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Why Cold Calling Is A Flawed Tactic For A Sales And Marketing Strategy

Your Prospects Are Not Available To Take Your Call

I get it. You want – no, you need – more leads. I also know that your marketing strategy takes time to produce the numbers you need to drive your revenue goals. This puts you in a precarious situation, so you decide to start a cold-calling campaign to talk directly to your prospects and get them into your sales funnel.

On the surface, this might feel like the right option. But in reality, it’s not. It’s not the right call (no pun intended) because the idea is flawed. Your ability to get through to, disrupt and create engagement with your prospects is going to face uphill challenges every step of the way.


The 4 Stages Of Your New Sales And Marketing Funnel

describe the imageWe need some new vocabullary to understand the new sales and marketing funnel.  Marketing has become a science with the tools necessary to impact each part of the funnel.  But before we look at the new funnel math, we need to establish new vocabulary that matches funnel metrics.  Below are the four key terms used to describe people as they flow through and in or out of the sales and marketing funnel.


Stop Selling and Start Nurturing

Does anyone like being sold to? When a sales person approaches you in a store or calls you unsolicted in the office or at home do you get that happy feeling inside? Why would your prospects feel any differently?