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Make Your Inbound Marketing People-Centric, Not Company-Centric

People Do Business With People, So Inbound Marketing Has To Be Targeted To People

When we meet with clients for the first time, one of the biggest adjustments is moving them away from thinking about their prospects as company targets and toward thinking about them as people. People do business with people, so marketing has to be people-centric.

This starts with personas. The development of buyer personas is more about who your prospects are as people and less about the companies they work for. Where do these people spend their time online? What are they reading? What questions do they have on their buyer journeys? Who are their influencers? All of these questions need to be answered before the marketing tactics can commence.



Straddling Multiple Buyer Personas In One Marketing Strategy

Successful inbound marketing strategy requires a laser-like focus on the customer. You must fully understand your customers’ pains and needs in order to know how to provide solutions for them.

At Square 2 Marketing, we encourage our clients to think about what traditional marketers would have called their “target demos” as real, live, flesh-and-blood people. We call them “buyer personas.” By turning something abstract like a target market into something tangible like a real person, we have found that it’s much easier to create content that appeals to these targets.



Let’s Get Ready For Some Football – What The NFL Can Teach You About Inbound Marketing

The 2014-2015 NFL season kicks off tonight, and I have to admit that it's an exciting time for this inbound marketing guy. I might even go as far as to say that it’s one of my favorite days of the year.

As a huge NFL fan, I also find value in admiring how the league creates an amazing experience for its customers and grabbing key learnings for you to apply to your businesses and your own inbound marketing efforts.



Why Inbound Marketing Requires Multimedia Storytelling

You’ve probably heard it over and over again: The best way to connect with your customers is through storytelling.