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Why Your Content Marketing Needs Passive And Active Content

To Generate Leads, Match Your Content Marketing Efforts Perfectly With Your Prospect’s Content Needs

A lot of marketers out there think content marketing is enough to drive leads. They might be right – for the sake of this article, let’s assume they are. It's an important step that they’ve embraced content as an important aspect of helping prospects feel safe during their buyer journey, and that theyre using content to get prospects to select them.

Now lets focus on what kind of content is needed, in what type of company, to drive high quality leads and then convert those leads into new customers. If you’re creating the wrong content and delivering it at the wrong time, to the wrong person – you might be driving your prospects right into the open arms of your competition. 



How To Use A Buyer Journey Map To Increase Visitors, Leads And Revenue

Understanding The Buyer Journey Helps With Inbound Marketing And Demand Generation Tactics

You’ve probably heard a lot about the buyer journey over the past year. It’s become a big buzzword in a world of buzzwords. But when you think about it, understanding the buyer journey and being intimate with it does provide a ton of insight that becomes valuable when crafting marketing strategy, marketing messaging and tactical revenue growth plans.

Interestingly enough, it also falls in line with a growing move to align sales and marketing into one single revenue team that is focused on delivering a complete click-to-close experience for your prospects. That buyer journey sometimes starts before your prospect visits your website for the first time and it ends when they sign your paperwork.

Today, some experts are suggesting it doesn’t end there, and that you should be working just as hard to delight your current customers as you are to attract new customers. I’d agree. However, I think most businesses are in a better position to take care of their current clients than they might be to attract and secure new clients.