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What Should You Do If You Missed, Just Made Or Exceeded Your First-Quarter Revenue Targets?

Today’s Inbound Marketing Is Designed To Help You Respond Quickly To Business Performance

The first quarter wrapped up a few days ago. Perhaps you’re wondering how you missed your targets so badly and what you’re going to do about it. Or maybe you just barely made your numbers and wished you had exceeded them by a little wider margin. Or you might have exceeded your targets.

Either way, this is the perfect time to assess your situation and make sure the second quarter shows improvement. Even if you did great, now is the time to make sure you continue moving in the right direction. 



Why Marketing Might Not Be The Reason You Had A Subpar Year

There’s a reason the CMO role has the highest turnover of any role in the C-suite. When a business doesn’t realize its goals someone has to be responsible, and quite often it’s the marketing team that takes the hit.

The IDC, a leading research center, published an article at the end of last year that predicts "one in four CMOs will be replaced every year through 2018." That’s an extremely high rate, and I just can’t subscribe to the fact that 25% of CMOs deserve to be fired.

Having worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes for the past 13 years, one truth is obvious to me — when businesses fail to hit their revenue goals it's rarely because of marketing.



How Kaizen, Agile And Inbound Marketing Create Repeatable Revenue Generation

Dramatic Client Business Results From Inbound Marketing Drove Change

I’m sure everyone reading this knows what inbound marketing is. But, let’s make sure you also understand Kaizen and Agile to get the full picture.

Kaizen is the Japanese word for continuous improvement. Its the practice of continuously improving processes to produce better performance.

Agile represents a change in the way teams deliver work. Instead of doing extensive planning, they operate in a more iterative way, thereby improving over time. Scrum, which is the process of “doing Agile,” emphasizes empirical feedback, team self-management and a focus on building properly tested work releases in increments, with short iterations.



Inbound Marketing: The Only Marketing That Impacts Business Results

Last week, I spent a couple of days at an agency CEO Summit. The major takeaway was that agencies need to get more active in generating business results for their clients. Those business results might include new customers, average revenue per client, butts in seats, people in beds or increases in sales of specific products.

Traditionally, agencies have been good at delivering soft metrics like brand equity, market share, impressions and awareness. Today, clients are tired of these soft metrics and are requiring their agencies to understand their business well enough to drive the real results mentioned above.