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Top 10 Blog Metrics You Need To Drive Leads With Inbound Marketing

The Data Is In: Companies With Active Blogs Get More Leads

At Square 2 Marketing, we blog every single business day. Just yesterday, one of our blog subscribers emailed me with a request to talk to them about an inbound marketing program for their business. Don’t you love it when a good plan comes together? Yes, we got a sales-ready lead, which turned into a legitimate sales opportunity, directly from our blog. You can have that too.

But it’s not as simple as it sounds. We’ve been blogging, and cultivating and nurturing more than 5,000 blog subscribers, for years. We’re actively tracking the performance of our blog, blog articles, subscribers’ behavior and rankings for keywords as a result of our blog. You need to take the same data-driven approach to your blog.

Here are 10 inbound blog metrics that you should be tracking weekly.



7 Dark Secrets Behind Inbound Marketing Blogs That Rank On Page 1

Inbound marketing agency experts everywhere are talking about the power of blogging. Neil Patel wrote an amazing article about the technical nature of getting blog articles on the first page of Google (click here to read the full article).

Today, I want to talk about what he didn’t touch on.

I want to discuss the behind-the-scenes work, the trade craft and the creative processes that must be in place in order to bring home that page-one ranking.



My Inbound Marketing Blog Isn’t Working: How Do I Fix This?

So, you’ve finally started your business’s inbound marketing blog. You’re posting a few times a week – with fingers crossed that your words are reaching the right target audience.

However, instead of seeing the readership roll in like fans at a sold-out Rolling Stones show, you check your analytics and all you hear is the resounding, deafening sound of crickets. People aren’t viewing the posts very much, and they certainly aren’t converting … at all.



How Often Should You Blog As Part Of An Inbound Marketing Effort?

Inbound marketing pros everywhere are constantly discussing how much blogging is required to drive leads. Yesterday, HubSpot produced a slew of data that attempts to answer the age-old question. Today, we’ll take a look at the data and apply some of our own research to help you make your own decisions for your inbound marketing campaigns.

In case you don’t want to weed through the report, here are a few of the major blogging best practices from the study.


How To Never Draw A Blank When Creating Inbound Marketing Blog Articles

BlankStareThe last few blog articles have focused a lot on the technical nature of your blogging efforts: what elements to include, how to generate leads, measuring success and using the blog to drive results. Today, I want to focus on the actual words.

One of the major challenges facing businesses that want to blog, that are starting a blog or that are trying to maintain their blog is what to write about. How do we come up with compelling topics? How do we write so that people engage? How do we write so that people share? How do we ensure that we never stare at each other in a meeting because we don’t know what to blog about?

The answers are easy to implement and very straightforward.