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Boring Blog Or Blazing Blog: Let Your Inbound Marketing Readers Judge

If You Think Your Blog Is Boring, You Might Be Mistaken

You are in no position to judge whether your blog is boring or not. Now, you could use data to make your case, and then I’d be in complete agreement, but that’s not what happens most of the time. Most of the time, businesses think that because they’re writing about the same topics over and over again, their readers find their blog boring. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m actually just as bad as some of the businesses we talk to about this – I think this inbound marketing blog is boring. After all, I write about the same stuff day in and day out. The fact is the blog isn’t boring – sometimes I get bored writing about similar topics, but that's a very different issue.



How Inbound Marketing Blogging Helps You Get More Customers

Why Inbound Marketing Blogging Works

Ask any inbound marketing agency about blogging, and they’ll tell you how important it is and why you should be doing it more often. But, do you know the mechanics of how it works?

This is actually one of the few tactics that helps you get more visitors to your website AND close more leads. If you don’t understand the mechanics, though, you might be doing it wrong.

Not only can blogging get you more leads, but it can also help you close more leads. If you strategically align the articles in your blog with your sales process, and if you’re using a content strategy to help you create blog article topics, you’re going to see a more dramatic impact on overall marketing program performance.

Here’s how to think strategically about using your blog articles to drive revenue.



Inbound Marketing Revealed: Blogging And Content Need To Work As One

Blogging Drives Visitors, And Content Drives Leads  Now Pull It All Together

Here’s a secret to inbound marketing: The more you blog, the more visitors you get to your website. And the more new content you publish, the more leads you attract. When you break it down and think about how inbound works, it becomes obvious.



One Simple Fix To Turn Your Blog Into A Lead-Generation Machine

Everyone knows that you need to blog. But, what should you blog about, and how do you use blogging best practices to drive more leads? You probably didn’t know that there’s one answer to both questions.

Yes, with one small change to the way you plan your blogging efforts, you can turn your blog into a lead-generation machine.

It might make sense to take a step back first. I want to make sure that you know why blog articles are so critical to today’s inbound marketing: If no one is reading your blog, you can be sure that no one is converting into a lead.



Your Blog Sucks Because It’s Missing Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy Is Almost Always The Answer

I don’t mean your blog sucks because I don’t like what you’re writing about. I mean your blog sucks because it’s failing to drive website visitors and leads for your inbound marketing program. When I say sucks I mean it quantitatively sucks. It’s not an opinion; it’s a fact.

When we see businesses with blogs that are underperforming or not performing at all it usually comes down to one or two issues.

The first is the business is blogging with no inbound strategy behind the effort. There isn't enough planning or thought into what they are blogging about and why. The other has to do with frequency. They're not blogging enough to impact the results for a variety of reasons.



Inbound Marketing Drove Over 64,000 Views For A Single Blog Article

Inbound marketing is a very results-oriented practice, so we’re constantly looking at the data associated with the marketing we do for clients.

When we see interesting results, we regularly share them with our fans. Today’s article is evidence that blogging drives visitors to your website.

While we can’t share any specific details about this client and their success story, we would like to give you enough to make it educational and helpful as you develop your inbound marketing, content marketing and blog marketing efforts.



Inbound Marketing: An X-Ray Of How Your Blog Gets New Customers

Let’s face it: Many of you don’t really see the value in blogging as part of an inbound marketing program.

You do it because you’re being told to do it. You might be doing it because you’ve seen data that shows companies that blog get more visitors to their website and more leads for their business.

But, honestly, is someone really going to read your blog and then decide to hire you on the spot?

The answer, surprisingly, is yes! Someone might read your blog, become emotionally connected to your company and decide that your business is the one they want to work with.



The One Secret You Need To Know To Make Blogging A Home Run

All last week, we talked about blogging and how it fits into your inbound marketing program, but we failed to give you one of the keys that helps you grow your blog subscribers by a factor of ten.

Every time you blog, you are sharing a little bit of wisdom with your subscribers. But a lot of clients come to us with only a handful of subscribers. If you are starting your blog from scratch, then you, too, have only a few subscribers. And if you're looking to grow your subscribers, keep reading.