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The 6 Virtues Of Highly Effective Inbound Sales Guides

The Era Of The ‘Killer Salesman’ Is Dead; Long Live The Inbound Sales Guide

Is this a familiar situation?

You’re at a car dealership, starting your search for what represents a major investment for you and your family. You’ve done a bit of research online, but you want to see the vehicle you’re considering in person.

A salesman approaches. You politely explain that you’re just looking and not ready to buy. You just have a few questions.

He’s happy to help. He invites you back into the sales office to get you some information. Before you know it, you’re being bombarded with increasingly aggressive pleas to buy the car now — right now. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime deal. You’ll regret it if you walk away now. He’ll even throw in floor mats.

That salesman is looking at you like prey. He’s targeted you and is just itching to kill. He’s triggering your fight (buy) or flight instincts. If you’re like most buyers in 2016, you choose flight. You’re turned off by the whole experience. You may still buy the car you were looking at, but not from that salesman or that dealership.



How Many Different Kinds Of Inbound Marketing Leads Are There?

Inbound Marketing Leads Come In All Shapes And Sizes; Does It Matter?

It used to be a lead was a lead. But today there are all different types of leads. Does it matter? Should we care? Should a salesperson ignore certain types of leads to focus on other types of leads? Are some more valuable than others? Who knows?

Good news, we know. Since it’s the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and at least most of you are looking past today’s work and toward either the beach, BBQ or backyard beer, let’s keep today’s article short and on the light side.

Inbound leads come in a variety of flavors. Here are a few of the most popular types of leads and what you should consider doing with each type.



Why Sales (Not Marketing) Is In Charge Of Nurturing Dormant Leads

 Today's post is courtesy of John Fakatselis, COO at Accent Technologies. His firm offers powerful sales and marketing solutions that help you engage buying teams, differentiate from competitors and win more deals.