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3 Simple Sales Enablement Upgrades You Can Make Today

Sales processes, systems and methodologies have shifted rather dramatically in the last decade. Pushy tactics for “making the sale” put today’s buyers on the defense and typically drive them away. You need a new approach to increasing close rates and shortening sales cycles.



Demand Generation Is Mandatory In The 2018 Inbound Marketing Effort

Yesterday It Was All Inbound Marketing, Today It’s The Right Blend Of Demand Gen And Inbound Tactics

Inbound marketing sure has changed since it splashed on the scene in 2009. Now almost nine years later, what had been a pure attract approach is now part attract and part strategically interrupt. I’m not burying criticism here. I agree with a looser definition of inbound, and even as an agency, we’re all-in on configuring a marketing program based on the client’s needs, goals, objectives and existing resources.

In case you can’t tell, we feel strongly that demand generation is an important part of doing what inbound was originally designed to do — get leads, turn leads into sales opportunities and then convert those opportunities into new revenue. If marketing (any kind of marketing) can’t generate revenue, it’s wasted money and wasted effort.



How To Blend Advocacy Marketing Into Your Inbound Marketing Program

Do It Right And You’ll Realize Improved Close Rates Plus Much Shorter Sales Cycles

The idea of adding a new marketing buzzword  advocacy marketing  to an already crowded field of marketing-related buzzwords doesn’t make me feel good. However, the business outcomes from mobilizing your existing customers to help you close more new customers and close them faster make this one hard to ignore.

What makes it extra interesting for me is how closely connected advocacy marketing is to a lot of the existing inbound marketing tactics we’re already deploying for our clients. The idea of earning attention (inbound marketing) fits right in with the idea of earning the right to ask your clients and customers to help you in your sales process with prospects.