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Inbound Marketing People Love Advertising, If It Works

Show Me The Numbers And I’m All In On Advertising

One of my favorite ad campaigns (and perhaps it’s one of yours too) is the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man In The World" campaign. Some of you might know they’ve decided to end the decade-long campaign in exchange for some other options. This prompted me to wonder, “How successful was it?” Not from a branding or awareness perspective, but from a “did it drive sales?" perspective.



Inbound Marketing Is Under Attack: A Thoughtful Response

If You Think Inbound Marketing Is A Fad, Consider This

I thought about ignoring the buzz around the book Disrupted, but lately, I’ve noticed a number of articles that appear to be taking some of the comments from the book and continuing the conversation to suggest that inbound marketing, content marketing and some of the other new marketing methodologies are in some way flawed or, worse, a shame.

For instance, there is an article on TechCrunch titled "Everything The Tech World Says About Marketing Is Wrong." The first third of the article aims to discredit HubSpot, the team that works there, Joe Pulizzi and everyone at the Content Marketing Institute. The author goes on to infer that if you’re not following the four P’s of marketing, you don’t know what you’re doing.

I considered commenting on his article, which many people did (most of them railing on him for being completely disconnected from reality). Instead, I wanted to more thoughtfully put together comments that countered these ideas.



Still Not Sure If Inbound Marketing Is For You?

If You’re Thinking Outbound Still Works, Think Again

I get it. I’m an extremist when it comes to inbound marketing. Every day, I reiterate why interruptive, outbound marketing sucks and why strategic, inbound marketing is the way to go.

So, I must have an agenda. I want you to buy inbound services from our agency, right?

Well, what if I’m correct? What if there comes a day when all you do is inbound? Then what?

What if all of your cold calling, direct mail, pay per click, print ad and trade show efforts start to deteriorate at such a dramatic rate that you’re left with no way to connect with prospects? And what if that day is tomorrow, not five years down the road?

Here are some alarming data points to consider if you still think outbound is going to get you to your goals.



Inbound Marketing Never Gets You In An Advertising Pickle (Like GoDaddy)

Inbound marketing and traditional outbound tactics have a lot of differences, but one thing’s for sure: Inbound won’t put you in a position like having to pull your Super Bowl advertising at the last minute because you created a highly controversial ad that offends half the watchers.



Technology Didn’t Kill Advertising – We Did!

Last week, USA TODAY published columnist Michael Wolff's article, “Whatever Happened To Advertising?”

In the article, Wolff lamented about the changing world of ad men, the move from creative to quantitative and the impact of technology (like the Internet) on advertising.

I’d like to offer a different perspective, one that puts the changes and the solution directly on our shoulders. And when I say “our,” I'm not referring to the ad agencies or the advertisers, but rather the consumers.

Yes, we decided to embrace DVRs so we wouldn’t have to watch commercials. We moved from terrestrial radio to satellite radio so we wouldn’t have to listen to interruptions. We downloaded ad blocker so we wouldn’t have our Web experience cluttered with ads. We stopped reading direct mail and signed up for the "Do Not Call" list.



Advertisers, Stop Coming Up With Creative Ways To Interrupt Us

When are you going to learn? We’re not interested in your new and innovative ways to sneak your traditional advertising in front of our faces.

In fact, those of you who continue to try and trick us into seeing your ads are going to pollute your brand and the brands of those venues or organizations that allow this on their watch.



Why You Should Never Consider Advertising On An Electronic Billboard

Having just returned from a weekend that required about six hours of highway driving, I wanted to comment on the newest way advertisers are tricking businesses into thinking ads still work. Welcome to the age of electronic billboards.

You have all seen them, right? These brighter-than-the-sun, high-defintion TVs that light up the entire highway, shining their ads down on unsuspecting drivers. I know they have been around for years, so I’m not saying they’re new. But they do finally seem to be replacing all of the old, poster-style billboards.

Forget the safety aspect of the constantly changing billboards, as I'm assuming that someone made sure the brightness, distractions and safety issues were analyzed. I’m just going to comment on the effectiveness and on the general laziness of the entire advertising industry.



How Advertising Continues To Die A Slow And Painful Death

First, there was the Do Not Call List, which prevented unwanted phone calls to our homes and severely limited telemarketing. Then, caller ID enabled us to avoid answering the phone when people we didn’t know were calling. Next, DVR was created, allowing us to fast-forward through commercials.