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The Top 3 Skills Required For Demand Generation Results

Does Your Team Have The Skills Necessary For Generating Demand And Revenue?

Achieving the demand generation results you’re looking for takes the right strategies and tactics. It also requires the right team. That team needs to excel in technology, strategy and turning data into action. If you only have one or two people on your demand gen team, you may not have all of the skills and knowledge you need.



How A Content Audit Can Help Your Content Marketing Produce Leads

Find The Gaps In Your Content Marketing Strategy, Then Fill Them

You’ll hear it time and again: Content is king. And it is. Great content can produce qualified leads, improve organic rankings and establish credibility for your brand. However, just because content is king, that doesn’t mean all content is royalty.

Because of its reputation as a difference-maker, most companies have started creating content. But in the rush to produce any content, many fail to establish a thoughtful and purposeful content marketing strategy. The result is often ineffective content that garners little traffic and produces few (if any) results.



7 Key Metrics For Scalable Revenue Generation

What Gets Measured Gets Done When It Comes To Revenue Generation And Growth

Hope is not a strategy. You can’t hope you close that big deal. You can’t hope you hit your numbers this month or this quarter. Hope is a recipe for missing your goals. Instead of hoping, start applying energy directly toward the areas where your revenue generation is faltering.

To know where to apply energy and what to work on, you need to have 100% visibility into your entire funnel, from the top (people who come to your website) to the bottom (the proposals or recommendations you’re submitting and the percentage of people who say yes at this stage).

The more people you have participating in the marketing and sales effort, the more complicated building a scalable revenue machine is going to be. But by empowering these people with direction and focus, you can impact revenue in short order.



13 Spooky Tricks To Fast-Track Sales And Marketing Alignment

Your Prospects Want One Seamless Experience; Sales And Marketing Alignment Delivers That

I can’t help but take advantage of Halloween with this spooky tricks to marketing and sales alignment blog article. Having more than 20 years of experience working with both marketing and sales teams, I know there’s a lot to be scared about when it comes to aligning these two historically opposed teams.

They might as well be Frankenstein and Dracula. Sales and marketing teams have been at each others throats since the beginning of time. Sales doesn’t know what marketing does and doesn’t appreciate the leads they do generate. Marketing doesn’t think sales follows up on their leads. Ask a salesperson where the lead came from for their latest sale and the answer is almost always, I found them.



Content In Context Helps Sales Close More Deals Faster

Using Content Marketing Strategically As Part Of The Sales Process Closes Business

Content has been prevalent in marketing for the past 10 years. Marketers have been doling out content in massive amounts in an attempt to turn visitors to your website into leads. They’ve been using content to qualify the leads, assuming the types of content are an indicator of qualification. They’ve been using content to pull prospects through the funnel and even flag “sales-ready” prospects as well. 

It’s all worked fairly well. Today, content makes up at least 20% of most client engagements, and its critical to the demand generation, lead attraction and lead engagement part of any well-designed funnel. But content in the sales process has a strategic role too, and if you want to have leads turn into sales opportunities and sales opportunities turn into new customers, you also must be looking at the role content plays in your sales process.



Why You Want Your Website Design Agency To Write The Copy Too

If You Want Leads, Sales Opportunities And Revenue, You Want Your Agency To Do It All

A website design agency does website design and build projects, not copywriting. That seems kind of obvious, right? Wrong. That is how it used to be. Some shops still don’t do the copy for website projects, or they might outsource it to a writing services firm.

But if you’re looking at your website redesign project as a chance to turn your online brochure into a revenue generation machine, then your search should include only agencies that design, build and write.

You want a website agency with copywriters on staff because your website is intimately connected to at least four other highly important marketing activities: search engine optimization, content marketing, conversion rate optimization and lead nurturing. Disconnecting these four web-related activities from the design and build of the website introduces risk into your project if lead generation is your goal (and it should be your only goal).



Content Marketing That Drives Inbound Leads: 5 Things You Need

Is content marketing dead? Is it failing to produce results for companies hoping to fill their sales funnel with qualified leads? How can you ensure your content-driven lead generation efforts produce revenue and results?

A few years ago, content was all the rage. Companies in nearly every industry rushed to publish anything and everything they thought would help them gain customers. “Content” was the shiny new magic bullet that would help companies attract qualified leads at a lower cost than advertising.

Now, content marketing is slipping onto the wrong side of Gartner’s hype cycle, into the “trough of disillusionment,” and some are rushing to dismiss it as a dead tactic.

Content marketing is not dead. With the right approach and the right strategies, it’s a powerful way to attract and engage with inbound leads. But to get the results you’re looking for, you have to get the fundamentals right. Here’s how to do that.



Why You Want A Revenue Growth Agency, Not A Digital Marketing Agency

Fixing Your Marketing Won’t Help You Drive Revenue Growth If You Can’t Close The Leads Generated

About eight years ago, a client called us into his office to talk about our engagement. We weren’t worried because we took their 30 leads a month up to 300 leads a month in just couple of months. They were one of our favorite clients. But after the niceties, the CEO said, “We have to fire you; revenue just isn’t increasing.” What? Wait a minute. How is that possible? With 10x the leads, how can you not be increasing revenue?

After some more discussion and review, we all agreed that he’d let us look at what they were doing from a sales perspective. After all, 300 leads have to be going somewhere. This was our first sales enablement engagement and it was eye opening. After a week of analysis and a week of recommendations, it was clear where the real problems were, and it wasn’t with the leads or the marketing. It was with the sales team and everything related to sales.



Is Your Content Marketing A Step Ahead Of The Pack?

Drive More Leads And Fuel Your Revenue Generation With A Buyer-Focused Content Marketing Strategy

These days, it seems like everyone is doing content marketing to cash in on buyers’ internet purchasing behavior. With all the competition out there, you need to differentiate your content to win your share of leads and generate more revenue.

Take an honest look at your content, and ask yourself a few questions. Are you writing directly to your buyers? Are you addressing the pains they feel on a daily basis? Does your content target prospects at each stage of the buyer journey?



What Is Sales Enablement?

How Does Sales Enablement Help Me Generate Consistent Revenue Growth?

I get it; marketing and sales consultants have a tendency to use a lot of fancy jargon. To some of you this might be one of those terms, but understanding what sales enablement means might also be the difference between missing your revenue goals and exceeding them, this year and next year.

Forrester, the research company, defines sales enablement as “a strategic, ongoing process that equips all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with the right set of customer stakeholders at each stage of the customers problem-solving lifecycle to optimize the return of investment of the selling system.” Wow, that’s fancy.

Let’s keep trying. HubSpot offers a definition of sales enablement. They consider it the technology, processes and content that empowers sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher velocity. That’s pretty good, but still a little technical for my tastes.