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Why Your Website Is Only 10% Of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

The Sheer Volume Of Inbound Marketing Tactics Required To Produce Results Makes Your Website Just A Piece In A Complicated Puzzle

The article published yesterday centered around your website and some of the expectations from that asset. It might seem a little contradictory that today’s article talks about the website in relation to all of the other inbound marketing tactics you need to execute perfectly to drive results.

But in our experience (which includes hundreds of inbound engagements), while its important, your website is just a piece of the puzzle.

Even the best-looking, most well-architected website won’t work to generate leads and new business if the rest of the elements in your overall revenue strategy, inbound marketing and sales enablement program are missing or improperly designed. You can get people to your site, but they need to connect with you emotionally in 10 seconds, know where to go next and be presented with the right content in context to their buyer journey. Then they need to be appropriately nurtured and additional offers must be presented to them as they work through their decision-making process.



Marketing (Not Corporate Communications) Should Own Website Strategy

The Overall Thinking Behind Websites Changed, And Your Company’s Thinking Needs To Change, Too

Ten years ago, your website was an electronic brochure. Everything in your brochure was on your website. We all loved that because anyone could get information about your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But since this was all sterile and company controlled information, a lot of companies turned their websites over to their corporate communications teams, the same people who did press releases, investor relations, annual reports and the company brochure. Their mission was to deliver the approved company story as consistently and clearly as possible.



How’s Your Inbound Marketing Program Doing? Improve It At INBOUND 17

In 15 Minutes, Well Identify What’s Missing And Help You Fix It

Prospects ask us to review current and ongoing inbound marketing programs all the time. This year we’re taking our assessment abilities to INBOUND 2017 and offering them to all of the attendees. We’ll be bringing a team of revenue scientists and inbound marketing specialists, and we’ll be equipped to do our assessments right there at the conference in real time.

We’ve created an assessment methodology that we use for our prospects and new clients, and we’ll use that same methodology when we review your program at Inbound. In this article, we’re sharing some of the tools, techniques and analyses we use when diagnosing a company’s inbound marketing results. We’re also sharing some of the recommendations we typically make to get a prospect’s program to produce more leads, more sales opportunities and more new customers.



Why Cold Calling Is A Flawed Tactic For A Sales And Marketing Strategy

Your Prospects Are Not Available To Take Your Call

I get it. You want – no, you need – more leads. I also know that your marketing strategy takes time to produce the numbers you need to drive your revenue goals. This puts you in a precarious situation, so you decide to start a cold-calling campaign to talk directly to your prospects and get them into your sales funnel.

On the surface, this might feel like the right option. But in reality, it’s not. It’s not the right call (no pun intended) because the idea is flawed. Your ability to get through to, disrupt and create engagement with your prospects is going to face uphill challenges every step of the way.



Google Crackdown On Nonsecure Websites To Roll Out In October

Protect Your Visitors And Your Website By Taking Action Now

Google changes its search engine algorithms on a regular basis. Most of the changes have little or no impact on your website’s ability to rank. Other changes, such as the mobile search changes Google announced last May, have a major impact. 

But come October, Google is planning another major update, one that will affect any nonsecure websites. Specifically, Google is going to start adding a new “nonsecure” warning to non-HTTPS pages on your site. This has the potential to confuse visitors and drive a significant drop in the number of people coming to your website pages.



Why Content Marketing Alone Won’t Get You Leads And New Customers

Today, Marketing Is Like Baking An Amazing Cake: You Need All The Ingredients In The Perfect Balance

I see a lot of digital marketing agencies leaning heavily on content and content marketing techniques to drive leads for their clients. They think all you need to do is publish more blog articles, create more e-books, do more webinars, make more videos, start a podcast and design better infographics.

These assets will help you rank in search results as well as engage visitors, even nurture leads and sales opportunities – but without the support of additional marketing tactics, they might not be enough to drive your results.



5 Lessons All Marketers Can Learn From Michelle Obama

Former first lady and Harvard alumna Michelle Obama will return to Boston this September to deliver a keynote address at INBOUND 2017, HubSpot’s annual marketing and sales conference.

Although Mrs. Obama’s primary job function isn’t marketing or sales, you can learn quite a few lessons from her to help you become a better marketer.

Here are five lessons all marketers can learn from Michelle Obama.



Got Inbound Leads? A 5-Step Lead Nurturing Playbook To Close Them

Getting Leads Is Just The First Step; Closing Inbound-Marketing-Generated Leads Is The Ultimate Goal

Inbound marketing is working. Youre getting leads from your search engine optimization, website and content programs, but that’s not the end game. The CEO won’t be recognizing you at the next company meeting for leads — she wants new customers.

Your inbound marketing program is incomplete if it doesn’t have strategic, well-thought-out and experience-oriented lead nurturing campaigns. These tactics allow you to continue the conversation with prospects while they work through their buyer journey. Do this effectively and you’ll have these people asking to speak with your sales reps at a very high rate.



Square 2 Marketing Named Among Inc. 5000 List Of Fastest-Growing Companies

Philadelphia Digital Agency Earns Honors For Third Year In A Row

Square 2 Marketing has earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 2017, Inc.s annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America. 

This is the third year in a row Square 2 Marketing has earned this prestigious honor. The agency is ranked at #3,487, following a three-year growth rate of over 89%.



7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of INBOUND 2017

The INBOUND conference, HubSpot’s annual user event, is one of the top marketing and sales events in the world. This year’s INBOUND conference is September 25-28 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, and it will bring together more than 19,000 sales and marketing professionals at the epicenter of all things inbound.