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Mike Lieberman, Chief Revenue Scientist

Mike Lieberman, Chief Revenue Scientist
Co-founder, President and Chief Revenue Scientist at Square 2 Marketing the only inbound marketing firm in the world that has cracked the code on how to use inbound marketing to generate leads for their clients.

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Insights From The Field: B2B Demand Generation Agency Shares Secrets

Prioritization, Expected Results And Iteration Hold The Key To B2B Lead Generation

Everyone wants more leads, but not everyone knows exactly how to get more leads, and when it comes to B2B demand generation a wide variety of perspectives exist on how to create that steady stream of leads for your B2B company.

It’s also not often that a B2B demand generation agency publicly shares its secrets. However, we’ve found that sharing helps our prospects and clients better understand our unique perspective on lead generation and, more importantly, revenue generation. If other agencies decide to do what we do, well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.



Content Marketing Requires The Hub-And-Spoke Strategy For Results

Content Without A Content Strategy Won’t Drive Leads, Sales Opportunities Or New Customers

I look around and all I see is a hurricane of content. People are posting podcasts, slide decks, whitepapers, e-books, videos, short social posts and graphics that are supposed to be helpful, get me engaged and drive my attention to their offerings. Instead, the opposite is happening — I’m getting immune to the entire experience.

Now I wade through it all, barely stopping at any of it, and the result is more poor marketing execution, underperforming programs and lackluster results. If you want your content marketing to produce results, you have to build it on a foundation of strategy that ties it all together and marries it to your prospects’ buyer journey.



Square 2 Marketing Gives Back To 8 Digital Marketing Agency Owners

Sharing Helps The Entire Community Elevate What We Do And How We Do It

In September 2015, we set out to try a bold experiment that’s never been done before.

We invited 10 digital marketing agency owners to spend the week with us at our headquarters to see everything we do. Agency Week was born, and the response and reaction was unexpected.

Since then, we’ve been fielding regular requests for us to do Agency Week again, and last week we hosted Agency Week 2.0.

Our team here at Square 2 Marketing hosted eight agency owners from around the world in a “behind-the-curtain” view of what we do, how we do it and, most importantly, the why behind what we do.



ABM: How To Know If Account-Based Marketing Is Right For You

ABM Isn’t Right For Everyone, But If It’s Right For You, It Can Pay Off Big

Account based-marketing (ABM) is one of the hottest buzzwords in marketing today. Agencies specialize in it, software is able to help deliver it and tools help with grabbing profiled accounts so you can use ABM. 

You’ll find webinars to help you understand it, conferences to help you start doing it and experts to help you talk about your plans for ABM. But there’s a little-known dirty secret when it comes to account-based marketing — it’s not right for everyone!



10 Little-Known Secrets To Cracking The Code On Revenue Generation

The Secret To Scalable, Predictable And Repeatable Revenue Generation

Who says, “We have enough new clients and we’re far over our revenue goals, so let’s take the rest of the week off”? Almost no one. Thats because most companies are working harder and not smarter to hit their revenue goals. Worse yet, most companies take a “we hope this works” approach to revenue, not a scientific approach.

If you want scalable, predictable and repeatable revenue generation, you need to throw out the old playbook and embrace the new playbook, one that focuses on the list of action items below and uses data to create a much more insightful approach to sales as well as top-line revenue generation strategy and growth.



The 6 Most Important Website Upgrades You’re Probably Missing

Getting New Customers From Your Website Means You Need These Features On Your Site

We look at three or four websites a day with prospects who are asking for guidance to help them improve the performance of their marketing. The features outlined in this article are missing 75% of the time, and in the remaining 25% of the time, they’re not implemented effectively.

In addition, we’ve done enough website design projects, website upgrades and website strategy engagements to know that by adding these features, we drive the improvements the client is looking for without having to invest large amounts of money.

That means these features fit our prioritization methodology — what’s going to have the biggest impact for the least amount of effort. This also means you can make similar upgrades to your site without having to redo the entire site.



HubSpot vs. Salesforce vs. Zoho vs. Act: Your CRM Mash-Up

Do You Have The Right CRM For Your Company?

Yes, a lot of companies have their CRM (customer relationship management) software selected, installed and active. If that’s you, this article might be less interesting. If you’re not in love with your CRM, you’ve decided to switch CRM systems or you’ve decided to purchase your first CRM system, then we’re going to help you make the right choice for your company.

Getting started with a CRM can be confusing. A lot of great options exist on the market today, and the secret lies in understanding your requirements. Before you even start looking at sales technology products, features and benefits, you should have a list of must-have features, nice-to-have features and any additional bells and whistles you learn about along the way.



7 Key Metrics For Scalable Revenue Generation

What Gets Measured Gets Done When It Comes To Revenue Generation And Growth

Hope is not a strategy. You can’t hope you close that big deal. You can’t hope you hit your numbers this month or this quarter. Hope is a recipe for missing your goals. Instead of hoping, start applying energy directly toward the areas where your revenue generation is faltering.

To know where to apply energy and what to work on, you need to have 100% visibility into your entire funnel, from the top (people who come to your website) to the bottom (the proposals or recommendations you’re submitting and the percentage of people who say yes at this stage).

The more people you have participating in the marketing and sales effort, the more complicated building a scalable revenue machine is going to be. But by empowering these people with direction and focus, you can impact revenue in short order.



13 Spooky Tricks To Fast-Track Sales And Marketing Alignment

Your Prospects Want One Seamless Experience; Sales And Marketing Alignment Delivers That

I can’t help but take advantage of Halloween with this spooky tricks to marketing and sales alignment blog article. Having more than 20 years of experience working with both marketing and sales teams, I know there’s a lot to be scared about when it comes to aligning these two historically opposed teams.

They might as well be Frankenstein and Dracula. Sales and marketing teams have been at each others throats since the beginning of time. Sales doesn’t know what marketing does and doesn’t appreciate the leads they do generate. Marketing doesn’t think sales follows up on their leads. Ask a salesperson where the lead came from for their latest sale and the answer is almost always, I found them.



Content In Context Helps Sales Close More Deals Faster

Using Content Marketing Strategically As Part Of The Sales Process Closes Business

Content has been prevalent in marketing for the past 10 years. Marketers have been doling out content in massive amounts in an attempt to turn visitors to your website into leads. They’ve been using content to qualify the leads, assuming the types of content are an indicator of qualification. They’ve been using content to pull prospects through the funnel and even flag “sales-ready” prospects as well. 

It’s all worked fairly well. Today, content makes up at least 20% of most client engagements, and its critical to the demand generation, lead attraction and lead engagement part of any well-designed funnel. But content in the sales process has a strategic role too, and if you want to have leads turn into sales opportunities and sales opportunities turn into new customers, you also must be looking at the role content plays in your sales process.