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Mike Lieberman, Chief Revenue Scientist

Mike Lieberman, Chief Revenue Scientist
Co-founder, President and Chief Revenue Scientist at Square 2 Marketing the only inbound marketing firm in the world that has cracked the code on how to use inbound marketing to generate leads for their clients.

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Why I Hate Best Practices Templates When It Comes To Inbound Marketing

Is Your Business So Generic That A Template Solves Your Marketing Challenges?

Everyone is looking for quick fixes, shortcuts and the easy button to make the execution of inbound marketing tactics simpler. To support that, there’s been an influx of templates, cheat sheets, checklists and pre-formatted assets for download to help you execute your marketing and sales strategies.

This might look like the answer to your “I’m too busy to do this myself” challenge, but I’m here to tell you to proceed with caution.

After implementing hundreds of inbound client programs and hundreds of marketing automation projects, what we learned is what you already know  your business is unique. Your marketing has unique requirements and your sales process is different than every other company on the planet. Generic materials might save you time up front, but they might not produce the results you’re expecting and they’re definitely not going to help you stand out when everyone else is using the same formats.



Disappointed In HubSpot? 10 Mistakes People Make And The Fixes For Them

Marketing Automation Software Rarely Cures Long-Standing Issues With Your Marketing

If you’re a small to medium-sized business with straightforward marketing and sales requirements, HubSpot is an amazing tool, both for marketing automation and for CRM. If you don’t use anything for either part of your business currently, consider looking at HubSpot as your primary source of marketing and sales technology.

However, we still get calls and outreach from companies that have bought it but struggled to get it up and running, have yet to see the true value from its investment and are not taking advantage of all its features. Having come from a software company previously, this is a common story. People buy software thinking it’s going to cure all of their ills, but nothing is further from the truth. You have to know what to do with the software to see the benefits pay off.



How To Do Inbound Marketing Planning On A 30-Day Cycle

Marketing Strategy And Planning Has Accelerated; You Have To Accelerate, Too

From the time I started out in marketing and up until about three years ago, I did everything on a 12-month cycle. The 12-month marketing plan and 12-month editorial calendar were very common in almost every company. Agencies worked in a similar way.

Thinking out the entire year provided some value, but as marketing evolved, so did the planning cycles. Today, we do everything on a 30-day cycle to take advantage of technology, data and our results-driven focus.

If youre still looking at marketing with a long-term lens, you might be missing out on some opportunities to drive results through adjustments that are easy to deliver in weeks, not months. Here are some tips and techniques from our proven 30-day inbound marketing planning cycle we use with clients.



INBOUND 2017 Tips: 5 Must-See Sessions And 2 Bonus Sessions

So Many Sessions, Such Little Time; Here Are Some INBOUND 2017 Tips For Sessions You Must Attend

In six weeks, the annual pilgrimage to Boston will begin for what has become a religious gathering for everything inbound. INBOUND 2017 kicks off on Monday, September 25, and the conference is full of amazing speakers, killer content and almost everything an inbound pro could want from an event.

The event is filled with sessions that will inspire you, educate you and help you get better results. The key is to select the speakers and the sessions that bring the most value. When I started attending INBOUND as a HubSpot partner, there were 300 attendees. This year, they’re expecting more than 20,000 attendees. I’ve seen a lot of wonderful speakers and attended a ton of amazing sessions, but I’ve also spent my share of time in bad sessions, too.



What Is Inbound Marketing Today? It's Changed Over The Last 2 Years

Marketing Has Changed So Dramatically You Might Not Recognize Inbound Marketing In Its Current Form

In all transparency, I’m a huge fan of inbound marketing. The idea of earning a prospect’s attention and focusing our precious marketing dollars on people already looking and engaged in their buyer journey makes much more sense to me than attempting to interrupt people who may be qualified through traditional reach and frequency marketing.

However, I know the challenges associated with inbound marketing and why it has changed so much so quickly. It takes patience and it takes time to produce significant results. The methodology is challenging to produce a lot of quality leads as it’s dependent on who is looking, regardless of their quality. It also takes a significant amount of work and investment. The key is that investment does produce assets that continue to produce results long after the creation investment is over. Still, I understand the challenges.



7 Steps To Account-Based Marketing For Upsell And Cross-Sell Revenue

Driving Revenue With Marketing Tactics Doesn’t Always Mean New Customer Revenue

Account-based marketing is getting a lot of play in terms of new revenue and new customers.

But what about using it to drive revenue for current clients? Why not? A lot of the techniques are the same. Plus, your clients and customers already know you, so while you might be doing some of this already, a more structured account-based marketing plan targeted at current customers should produce more revenue and produce it faster.

The key to making this work is the same as when deploying account-based marketing for new customer acquisition. But as you’ll see below, some of the execution actually gets easier.



6.5 Questions To Uncover If A Website Design Will Generate Leads

Your Site Might Be Brand New, But If It Doesn’t Produce Leads And New Customers, It Needs An Upgrade

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing and sales efforts. Everyone is coming to your website before they reach out to your company. This means your website design strategy needs to match the way your prospects buy and make their purchase decisions.

Many companies are unsure as to the weaknesses in their existing website. The questions below help you know for sure if your website is producing. Remember, your website has only one mission in life — to generate high-quality leads that turn into sales opportunities and ultimately revenue.



Upgraded Content Drives Killer Engagement For Account-Based Marketing

Function- And Vertical-Specific Content Bring ABM To Life

I’ve read a lot about account-based marketing over the past year, and while much is written about targeting, data quality, email outreach and the technology to manage an ABM program, I’ve seen very little written about the importance of content in engaging targets with your sales team.

While those other aspects are important, I think content, stories and the messages youre delivering make the difference between success and failure. It’s so critical that I think the content strategy is even more important than the playbooks that drive touches, workflows and email sequences.



9 Secrets To Demand Generation No One Is Talking About

Driving Awareness For Your Brand And Creating Demand Requires Strategy

You’re all-in on demand generation. We get it; a lot of people are today. How do you get your message out to as many properly targeted people as possible? We do agree that marketing to people who don’t match your persona won’t produce results, so your demand generation must be properly targeted.

But you don’t want to do what a lot of people are doing — throwing money at the problem, trying everything and hoping something sticks. Instead, use smart and scientific ways to tackle demand generation to produce high-quality leads and results that are sure to get you promoted.



Video Marketing In The Sales Process Adds Trust And Higher Close Rates

Double Your Close Rate And Lop 25% Off The Back Of Your Sales Cycle With Video

The stats are in and they show that video marketing drives results. Here are a handful of data points courtesy of the WordStream blog to help you get your head around why you need video to be part of your sales and marketing experience:

  • YouTube has more than a billion users, accounting for almost one-third of total internet users
  • 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos each week
  • More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day
  • One-third of online activity is spent watching video
  • The 25-34 (millennial) age group watches the most online videos, with men spending 40% more time watching videos on the internet than women