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Generate Leads And Drive Revenue

Reality Marketing provides business owners, CEOs and marketing professionals with the platform you need to think differently about how you market your products or services. By integrating inbound marketing techniques that get your business found, generate leads and drive sales, Reality Marketing helps focus your marketing efforts by ensuring everything you do is:

Goal Oriented
We align your marketing strategy with your company's goals. For example, if you are a $10 million company and you want to do $12 million in revenue next year, you need a marketing strategy that delivers the $2 million in incremental revenue over the next 12 months. Reality Marketing helps you break that revenue goal into specific lead goals and matches your marketing tactics directly to the bigger picture.

Marketing is a science, not an art. Reality Marketing ensures that each of your marketing tactics is tied to specific, measurable, actionable and reasonable performance metrics. This allows you to track your overall marketing program performance and make the adjustments and improvements that drive results.

Prospect Focused
The best marketing strategies are all about your prospects, not your business. This may come as a surprise, but your prospects don't care about you, they only care about how you are going to help them solve their challenges. Reality Marketing helps you focus on solving prospect pains, challenges and issues.

ROI Driven
There are a lot of ways to spend your precious marketing dollars: advertising, PR, direct mail, trade shows and more. Reality Marketing guides you to the tactics that deliver the highest return on investment and makes return a key component of the goal setting and tracking process. This ensures you are able to double down on the most successful tactics instead of blowing your budget on tactics with a much lower ROI.

If your business isn't remarkable, it's invisible. When you look and sound like your competitors, your prospects have no reason to do business with you. Reality Marketing challenges you to make your businesses remarkable so that when you execute your inbound marketing program, you're telling a story that gets everyone talking about your company as the obvious choice to do business with.

The last and most important element of Reality Marketing is the strategic connection between different types of marketing that drive program performance. Marketing is much different today than it was just a few years ago. Today, the most successful marketing programs are all about creating an integrated experience for your prospects.

Everything starts with your marketing strategy. Who do you want to target, what are their pains, how do you solve those pains in a remarkable way and how do you validate your marketing messages for prospects? These questions have to be answered during the strategic planning phase of every marketing engagement.

Content is at the core of the Reality Marketing approach. Your marketing strategy reveals the topics and types of content that attract the right prospects to your business. Leveraging targeted and informative educational content in your marketing process helps you convert those prospects into leads and nurture those leads into raving fans.

After your content is created, you have to place, publish and present that content to your target market. This is easier said than done, but today there are more online properties (blogs, emails, websites, etc.) and communities for your specific prospects than ever before. Reality Marketing helps you identify these key outlets and distribute your content through those properties directly to your potential customers.

Next, you have to convert those prospects who are attracted to your business and engaged with your content. The conversion strategy aspect of a Reality Marketing plan ensures that your website visitors are turned from anonymous lurkers into leads.

Nine out of ten people visit your website prior to calling or connecting with your business in any other way. That's why you need a website design that connects with visitors who seek out and find your business directly. Once they land on your website, you have 10 seconds to capture and hold their attention before they hit the back button.

Finally, marketing can no longer afford to be disconnected from sales. As we wrote in our book, "Fire Your Sales Team Today," if your traditional transactional sales process is at odds with your consultative and educational marketing approach, you have a problem. Your prospects aren't going to get to know, like or trust your company and they are not going to hire you. The same way marketing is working hard to educate prospects with content, sales needs to educate and nurture opportunities until they feel safe enough to sign and start their experience with your business.

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