Square 2 Marketing, the #1 Inbound Agency on the planet, acquired Primum Marketing Communications. We’re on a mission to help our clients generate over 1 million leads. Close this window to learn more about how Square 2 Marketing might help your company get leads.

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Reality Marketing Machines™

Strategic Marketing Solutions Built Around Your Business

Your business depends on countless machines to function effectively. From computers and smartphones to specialized vehicles and production equipment, the success of your company is supported by the carefully calculated and integrated operation of complex mechanics and scientifically proven techniques.

strategic marketing solutionsSo why do so many businesses, marketers and advertising agencies treat marketing like an experimental art? They take on one or two tactics at a time and then turn their attention to the next new thing when those tactics fail or underperform. This is a mistake ... one that costs vast amounts of time, money and resources every day.

When it comes to creating strong, effective marketing solutions for companies of every size, shape and industry, Square 2 Marketing takes a much different approach. We design and build powerfully integrated Marketing Machines around the needs and goals of your unique business.

Our process begins with a solid strategy-before-tactics framework that assembles the most effective and relevant marketing techniques needed to reach your target audience. We then fine-tune and calibrate your customized Marketing Machine to ensure that all of your individual tactics are working seamlessly together to support the overall strategic marketing direction we cocreate with your company. The end result is a fully optimized, high-performance marketing success engine that generates the leads your business needs to grow and thrive.

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